These People from Elsewhere  
Wilbert Smith directed Project Magnet, the Canadian government’s official investigation into flying saucers. The project ran from 1950-1954 and included the establishment of a flying saucer observatory near Ottawa that housed equipment for detecting magnetic fluctuations in the atmosphere. There on 8 August 1954, Smith’s instruments displayed signals that led him to believe that he had detected a flying saucer.

“The deflection in the line [drawn by an electronically operated pen] was greater and more pronounced than we have seen even when a large aircraft has passed overhead. I ran outside to see what might be in the sky. The overcast was down to a thousand feet, so that whatever it was that caused the sharp variation was concealed behind the clouds. We must now ask ourselves what it could have been.” —Wilbert B. Smith

The audio in this video (11:50) was recorded by W.B. Smith and archived by Grant Cameron.
Thanks to Grant Cameron and Annabel Castro.
  David Crawford 
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